TATA 1mg unlocks tremendous growth in Ad revenues in only 4 months!

October 4, 2022
| 2 min read

Challenges Tata 1mg encountered in their daily operations

1mg, Tata’s online healthcare platform has more than 2 lakh active brands in its rapidly expanding list of clients. Several of these brands would need regular involvement from the marketplace team in order to set up and run ad campaigns. This was made even more difficult by the constraints placed on the RX (mandatory physician subscription products) as per regulations. The business would require huge operational investments to address seller needs, that would subsequently eat into their ad revenues.

Key account managers also faced issues with reporting, analysis, retention, and serving longtail clients. The existing systems also made it harder to train newly onboarded brands who frequently had technical and marketing queries.

All of these issues led to regular revenue leakage, with the biggest challenge of all being creating a central platform that addressed the above-mentioned issues and met all possible advertising requirements. Developing such a solution in house would be expensive, and would require a lot of time to build.

How did Monetize OS respond to Tata 1mg’s challenges?

OnlineSales.ai’s retail media platform was implemented quickly thanks to a collaborative effort by the tech teams at OS and Tata 1mg. After thorough testing and implementation, the platform was successfully launched, and enabled sellers to run ads in three simple steps; on a fully self-serve platform - which requires zero involvement from the Tata 1mg team!

Sellers are now also able to generate detailed reports that provide them critical insights into campaigns, and help them make better use of their budgets - enhancing their experience and interest in advertising on the platform. The differential UX offered by Monetize helped Tata 1mg engage brands of all levels in technical aptitude to use the platform easily. The team at OS works closely with the platform’s core teams to activate and mobilize various advertising products through a self-serve platform, while simultaneously addressing any unique requirements they may have.

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