New launches: September 2022

October 5, 2022
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Our team has been busy implementing some of the most requested features this month. Whether it's creating new campaigns quickly or managing existing ones efficiently, our team has worked hard to make Monetize even more powerful. The following is a roundup of September's releases that provides a deeper understanding of the new features we have introduced.

Access campaign performance data easily

We are excited to introduce some enhancements and additions to the Campaign Performance area of the dashboard. In addition to improving user experience, these updates make accessing, reviewing and leveraging performance data significantly faster and easier. Learn more

Archive campaigns you no longer need 

Have a campaign you no longer need, but want to keep aside for future reference? With this new feature, archive your campaigns with just one-click and refer to them whenever you want. Learn more

Launch search ads with just 1-click

Search Only Campaign enables advertisers to leverage the power of search ads and launch them effortlessly, in a streamlined manner. Search Only Campaign not only ensures ad placement on search pages, but also a refined control over product selection, spend, and the keywords for which their ads will appear. Learn more

Promote products across the platform effortlessly

Eliminate the guesswork and heavy lifting with Smart Shopping Campaigns. Now, advertisers can simply let AI-powered technology select the right product, handle page selection, ad position, bids, and keyword targeting. Learn more

Take control of user access

Now, It takes just one click to give, revoke, and modify access to various contributors. The new and improved User Access Management eliminates all barriers, makes processes more efficient and brings the control in your hands. Learn more

Find out about our latest product changes as we continue improving Monetize to enable your teams and advertisers to collaborate better.
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