Unlock 10% plus Ads Revenue with OS Email Ad

Elevate your retail profits with personalized email ads that dazzle shoppers.
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Seize Email Ad Potential

Integrate highly relevant email ads into your media offerings effortlessly. Monetize your email inventories and unlock a consistent stream of revenue with OnlineSales.ai.

Your Platform, Your Rules

Retain complete control over email ad inventories. Choose ad sizes and formats that fit your audience perfectly. Personalize offerings to different brand segments and streamline monetization.
Flexible Ad Sizes
Customize ad sizes and formats to align with your audience's expectations and maximize engagement.
Audience Segmentation
Tailor ad offerings to different brand segments and deliver personalized experiences.
Streamlined Monetization
Effortlessly monetize your email ad inventories to unlock a consistent stream of revenue.
Complete Control
Retain full control over the placement and appearance of email ads on your platform.

Unleash AI-powered Analytics

Maximize ad revenue potential while enhancing the shopper experience. Empower brands with valuable insights into behaviors, preferences, and purchasing patterns to drive revenue with precision.
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Data-Driven Insights: Leverage AI-powered analytics to gain valuable insights into shopper behaviors and preferences.
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Revenue Optimization: Maximize ad revenue potential by understanding purchasing patterns and optimizing ad placements.
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Enhanced Shopper Experience: Personalize ads based on individual preferences, delivering a more engaging and relevant experience.
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Precision Targeting: Utilize data analysis to target ads with precision, increasing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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Experience the power of our Email Ad capabilities firsthand. Take it for a spin and witness the magic in just 3 weeks. Go live with your campaigns and see the results unfold.
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Privacy on Point

Ensure GDPR and CCPA compliance for peace of mind. Avoid fines and litigation, build unwavering brand loyalty, and seize revenue opportunities by partnering with OnlineSales.ai.

Monetization Magic

Join the majority of retailers who recognize email as a vital monetization stream.
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Revenue Boost: Increase ad revenues by over 10% by leveraging our first-party data monetization program.
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High Margins: Enjoy near 100% margins as a part of your owned media, maximizing your profitability.
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Industry Recognition: Join the majority of retailers who recognize email as a vital and lucrative monetization stream.
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Growth Potential: Unlock new revenue opportunities and expand your business with our monetization solutions.

Performance Powerhouse

Strategically reach millions of sends, resulting in thousands of clicks and a substantial revenue boost for your merchants.
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High Click-Through Rates: Achieve impressive CTRs of 18% to 27% from email ads, driving significant user engagement.
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Effective Conversion Rates: Leverage a 2% ECR (Email Conversion Rate) to convert clicks into sales and revenue.
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Wide Reach: Strategically reach millions of sends, expanding your brand's visibility and potential shopper base.
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Sales Boost: Generate thousands of clicks and enjoy a substantial revenue boost for your merchants.

Shopper-Focused Personalization

Deliver tailor-made content to shoppers with precision. From captivating display ads to interactive formats, our advanced data analysis ensures ads that resonate with preferences and behaviors.
Targeted Display Ads
Engage shoppers with visually stunning advertisements tailored to their interests.
Interactive Ad Formats
Increase user interaction with immersive ad experiences that drive conversion.
Behavior Analysis
Leverage advanced data analytics to understand shopper preferences and optimize ad targeting.
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