Transform Your Display Ads Revenue Stream with

Showcase your product stories with the most relevant, stunning, engaging, and high ROAS Display Ads.
Grow your ADs revenue by 2x

Unparalleled Targeting and Personalization

Double your CPM and ROI
Delight your brands with self-serve and advanced targeting
setting the stage for 2x CPM and ROI. Targeting options include
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Audience Targeting
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Store Targeting
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Inventory Targeting
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Geo Targeting
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Time-of-Day/Day-of-Week Targeting

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Experience the Future of Display Ad Formats

Say goodbye to static and boring ads
Product Display Ads
Captivate your audience with interactive product displays
Hybrid Display Ads
Combine the power of visuals and text for impactful messaging
Standard Display Ads
Reach a wider audience with industry-standard ad formats
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Unleash Creativity. Embrace Automation for Stunning Storytelling

Unlock limitless creativity
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Automate product showcases
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Leverage our built-in asset library
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Dive deep into creative analytics

Robust Analytics & Workflow Automation

Gain valuable insights and streamline your workflow
Benefit from omni-view analytics, optimize content curation, identify and address inventory-based gaps, and receive relevant suggestions for brand enhancement.

See it in action

Experience the power of our Product Ads capabilities firsthand. Take it for a spin and witness the magic in just 3 weeks. Go live with your campaigns and see the results unfold.
3 weeks Go live
White Labeled
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Seamless Co-existence and Integration

Smooth transition and full control
Our platform seamlessly coexists and integrates with other ad servers, ensuring a smooth transition. Take control of your fill rate with optional waterfall or backup fills from the programmatic channel, putting you in full control of your display ads.
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