Video Advertising 101: In-Stream vs Out-Stream Ads

March 29, 2023
| 2 min read

If you’re trying to understand the clear difference between in-stream and out-stream ads, then you’re in the right place! These two types of video ads are like peanut butter and jelly, they go together but are distinct in their own way. So, let’s dive in!

In-Stream Ads

In-Stream ads are those video ads that play before, during, or after a video. You know, like those pesky commercials that interrupt your YouTube video. These ads are the bread and butter of video advertising and are usually non-skippable. In-Stream ads are like that clingy friend who’s always there, but you can’t help but love them anyway.

In-Stream video ads can be broken down into three main types:

- Pre-roll ads: These are ads that play before the video content that the user is trying to watch. They are typically between 15 and 30 seconds long and are non-skippable.

- Mid-roll ads: These are ads that play during the video content. They can be skippable or non-skippable, depending on the platform and the advertiser's preference.

- Post-roll ads: These are ads that play after the video content has ended. They are similar to pre-roll ads and are typically non-skippable.

Out-Stream Ads

On the other hand, Out-Stream ads are those video ads that play outside of a video player. These ads can be found in articles, on social media, or in mobile apps. Out-Stream ads are like that cool friend who’s always popping up in unexpected places, but you’re always happy to see them.

So, why should you care about In-Stream vs Out-Stream ads? Well, In-Stream ads are great for reaching a captive audience who is already engaged with a video. Out-Stream ads, on the other hand, can reach a wider audience and are great for increasing brand awareness.

Both these ads are important types of video advertising. Whether you’re using responsive video ads or in-banner video ads, the key is to choose the type of ad that fits your brand and campaign goals. So, go ahead and start your video ad campaign today and remember, like our formidable video ads, be bold, be creative, and be unskippable!

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