Let scale prevail: optimizing resources & boosting sales through traffic scaling

June 17, 2022
| 3 min read

Advertisement and co-op marketing has grown to become a significant revenue opportunity for retailers. Significant profits are only possible when your platform brings in high volumes of relevant traffic. The question that must be asked though, is if your website and retail media network currently capable of handling this traffic?

‍The Curse Of The Crash

‍Imagine a scenario. You have spent weeks bringing together social media and retail network efforts to publicize a sale. The ads are lined up, and your retail media platform has drawn the attention of numerous brands and advertisers.

The day of the sale arrives, and it is a hit! Within minutes, thousands have flocked to your website.

However, one customer encounters an error while checking out. In no time, nearly half your customer base is grappling with this issue. Sales drop as your platform struggles to deal with additional visitors.

Your retail media website, so crucial to your operations, failed when it was needed the most. All due to its inability to handle traffic.

Scale Makes Sales: Mastering Traffic Management

‍The solution to avoid such a situation? Traffic Scaling.

Traffic scaling is an affordable and effective way of dealing with such issues. It adds or removes cloud-based web servers to your retail media network, automatically adjusting its capacity in response to traffic changes.

‍Managing Traffic, Saving Money: The Scale Advantage

‍Traffic scaling allows for a range of advantages, helping you save on necessary resources. Plus, it provides a robust ad solution that auto-scales ad servings according to your platform’s present needs while providing a personalized online shopping experience.

The benefits of traffic scaling include:

Savings: Traffic scaling’s most immediate benefit lies in the money you save. When the number of visitors is low, it sends unnecessary servers to sleep, billing you only for the space utilized. Furthermore, you no longer need to spend on servers only necessary during an emergency.

Consistency: By seamlessly adjusting your website’s capabilities as demand spikes and reduces, traffic scaling helps provide a smooth performance to your visitors.

Automation: With traffic scaling, there is no need for your team to respond manually to real-time changes in demand. These responses can often require additional resources and servers, a process that can be automated, saving you time and money.

Security: By protecting your network from hardware and network failure, traffic scaling ensures that your site does not collapse even during its busiest periods.

Finding The Right Scaling Partner

‍As customer preference for e-commerce grows drastically, increasing traffic can provide you with invaluable retail media monetization opportunities. However, you require a partner that can deliver on the promise, scaling ad servings even during high volume sale events.

Onlinesales.ai’s Monetize platform continuously monitors incoming traffic and takes every measure possible to ensure that ad serving and personalization quality does not drop. At any moment, the Monetize platform can handle an awe-inducing 10,000+ ad requests per second.

When approached by South Africa’s biggest marketplace to manage its traffic, the Monetize platform seamlessly scaled up to match the 7X surge on their website. Today, it continues to provide state-of-the-art personalized sponsored ads, promoting over 75 million SKUs at 99.9% ad availability.

Choose Monetize: Your Traffic Management Solution

‍The numerous advantages of scaling notwithstanding, traffic lies at the heart of retail media networks. Traffic scaling provides a smooth user experience that helps you retain advertisers in the long run. Safeguard your interests and partner with the Monetize Platform for a smoother consumer experience today.

Want to know more?

‍Looking for ways to leverage your first party data and traffic to earn additional revenue? Our AI ML powered retail media tech, Monetize, helps you enable every advertiser to run ads on your platform to achieve their marketing goals and ensure higher yields for you. To learn more, contact us today.


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